Where’s the Party? Buffalo’s Best 3

Hello again!  For this blog post, I thought I would pay tribute to some of the best places in Buffalo to have a wedding reception. At each one of these places, we have been the wedding DJ or wedding photographer or both.  I listed them in this order for considering the following: Food, service, and decor.  I left price out because I honestly don’t know what each place charges but I thought this might be helpful to anyone planning a wedding reception in the Buffalo area.  First I should let you know that this is based on our own opinions but here are our TOP 3

1) The Avanti Mansion – Their Site

and here’s why – the food is amazing at the Avanti.  Our company has performed several weddings and other functions there and our staff always rave about the meals.  I have also been there myself and would have to say I fully agree.  Another part of what makes them a favorite for us is the service.  There is something to be said for superb service and organization for a banquet hall.  This ensures that your event goes as planned and certain parts of the night don’t run late.  Last but not least the ambiance and overall look of the building inside and out is very nice and nowhere near ‘overboard’.  They also have their own lighting and other services they can add on to your party to make it even more extravagant.  All the reasons above is why I listed this place as #1.

2) Salvatore’s – Their Site


and here’s why – the food? No question it’s already one of the best places to eat in Buffalo and they have a very well experienced staff.  Once again the decor is very nice. The rooms are all exquisite and able to hold a big crowd.  I would consider Salvatore’s to be an overall great choice for bigger weddings or one or two Italian families…..my poor attempt at humor.

3) Banchetti’s – Their site

and here’s why – again the food….AWESOME!  Banchetti’s also caters outside their venue and I must say that we use them for family parties and if anyone needs a recommendation.  Our company is hired to DJ tons of weddings there each year and we just love the place.  Just like the Avanti and Salvatore’s listed above Banchetti’s has a great staff also.  They are all very nice and pleasant and well aware of the events to take place the night of your party.   The rooms are really nice as well.  They recently went through an expansion and have a number of new rooms to choose from on the night of your party.  Banchetti’s also has a grove area outside for weddings ceremonies on location and it works for the receptions as well.

All these places, as well as many others around Buffalo, are great choices for wedding receptions.  Don’t forget to leave your thoughts and comments on our Facebook page.  Till next time!