What lighting is best for your wedding?

Years ago the disco ball was the ultimate lighting.  A lot has changed.  Now there are lights for just about every application you can think of.  Let’s talk about using lighting on your wedding day.


The venue you use for your reception or ceremony can be dramatically changed with uplighting.  This type of lighting typically focuses on the exterior of the room and ties in one or more of your color themes.  Rooms with fancy accents like pillars, statues, and high rise ceilings really are jazzed up when you incorporate your color themes to them. Uplighting can also work very well in outdoor venues for late receptions.

Dance Floor Lighting

This is a special type of lighting used to highlight the dance floor area.  When the lights come on you know you’re in full-blown dancing mode.  These lights can be fun for guests especially because the lights nowadays can be programmed to give you the effect you are looking for.  If you want a nightclub atmosphere or a high energy dance party then the dance floor lights are the way to go.

Personalization Lighting

This one isn’t talked about much so I’ll break it down.  There are certain things you can do to have a very personal touch for your wedding day when it comes to lighting.  One way is by having a custom monogram designed and displayed by light.  These light designs look awesome on dance floors or above head tables or cake tables.  They also look good on wide open walls.  These lights like the other types are pre-programmed to match your unique design and give your reception room personalized feel to it.

Spot Lighting

This is another application not spoken about very much but a very cool type of lighting application.   Just imagine for a second that you are at your wedding reception and the DJ has introduced your entire wedding party and it’s down to you and your fiance.  Next, the house lights go down and the spotlights come on and you guys are called out to the dance floor area under the lights and sound like you two are prized fighters.  If you do not want all the attention then this may not be the ideal type of lighting but for the not so shy it’s the only way to go!

Take some time to think about what is right for you and remember to call Soundwave to book your lighting needs!