Selecting a DJ for your Corporate Event

Hosting a corporate event is no easy task. Hours of planning can go into even a small event. When you’re planning a large event such as a holiday party or conference, you’ll want to make it count. A major part of having your event be seen as a success is the entertainment. If you’re considering hiring a DJ, the DJ that you choose will have an enormous impact on the atmosphere of the event and the satisfaction of your guests. To help you make up your mind when choosing a DJ, we’ve put together some factors you’ll need to take into consideration:


Large venues and large crowds require a DJ that can hold their attention and keep the momentum going. Working with an experienced DJ can ensure that they know how to keep the party going, get people dancing, and can cater to the tastes of the crowd. Additionally, you’ll want to consider the actual venue itself. More specifically, the acoustics. Be sure to ask your DJ if they have the proper equipment needed to make the room come alive with sound.

Guest List

Your guest list will determine what type of music you’ll want to play. What is the age of the crowd? Will the event be mostly executive-level guests, or open to the entire company? Will there be clients invited that you’ll need to impress? These are all aspects of your event you will need to consider when choosing a DJ.

Event Type

Is this a holiday party, a training event, conference, or another type of corporate event? Keep this in mind when choosing a DJ and ask them about how they would approach your specific event. Entertainment is crucial to making any corporate event a success, so you’ll want to know that you worked with the best!

At SoundWave DJ & Photo, we customize our approach for each individual event we work at. Whether it’s a wedding, party, or corporate event, we know the best way to get people excited. Don’t let your next corporate event be a dud, contact us today!