My friend will DJ my wedding

Having a friend offer to DJ your wedding can be easy on the wallet and bad on the ears….

We come across this a lot when meeting with soon to be brides and grooms.  Someone they or their family knows is a DJ and has offered to DJ their wedding reception and that he is going to do it for a fraction of the cost.  It sounds like a great deal and honestly how hard could it be? Right?

The problem with this scenario is that it’s usually more complicated than this and sometimes the months that follow can be filled with unnecessary stress.  Many things can come up before the wedding when you are not dealing with a reputable company.  Here are some of the things our clients have said who originally planning on going the friend route.

“He got a new job and has to work on our wedding day”

“He told us we had to provide a lot of the music because he DJ’s clubs mostly and doesn’t have all of our requests”

“We haven’t gotten a callback….in 3 months”

“He wasn’t able to rent the equipment”

“My friend was going to do it but my venue needs a DJ with insurance”

“When we got together we left feeling like we didn’t actually plan anything”

It really is tempting to take the deal especially with the cost overall when planning a wedding but try to do your homework.  Don’t be caught trying to scramble to find a replacement.  Unless your friend is an experienced DJ that knows weddings and can provide you with a contract then stay clear.

We go by the saying “Friends never let friends DJ their weddings unless your friend works for Soundwave!”