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Welcome to Soundwave, the premier event services provider renowned for its outstanding DJ, Photography, Videography, and Photo Booth offerings. Specializing in weddings and a broad spectrum of private gatherings, Soundwave shines as a paragon of excellence in event organization and implementation. Our unwavering commitment to quality and customer delight sets us apart, as we strive not just to meet but to exceed our clients’ expectations consistently.

At Soundwave, we recognize the uniqueness of each event, along with its specific desires and challenges. Our team, composed of adept and seasoned event experts, is dedicated to devising tailored solutions that address the particular needs of every occasion. From crafting the ideal soundtrack that keeps your guests dancing away, to capturing enchanting moments on camera, or providing engaging entertainment with our advanced photo booths, we pay close attention to every detail, ensuring flawless planning and execution.

Our offerings are crafted to enhance your event experience, making it smooth, enjoyable, and memorable. From the first consultation to the event’s culmination, our team collaborates closely with you to grasp your vision and bring it to life. We utilize cutting-edge technology and innovative methods to provide services that not only align with current trends but also establish new benchmarks in the event sector.


Soundwave, established in Buffalo, NY, in 2008, embarked on its path and fueled by a profound enthusiasm for DJing. What commenced as a pastime swiftly grew into a local staple in delivering premier entertainment services for events. Throughout the years, Soundwave has expanded substantially, transforming from its modest origins into a distinguished entity in the event services industry.

Our expansion is a testament to our continuous quest for excellence and commitment to innovation. We’ve been privileged to attract and develop some of the most talented individuals in Western New York, each contributing their distinctive talents and creativity. This synergy of talent has allowed us to broaden our services and consistently elevate our standards of quality and performance.

As our stature has grown, so has our reputation. Soundwave is now more than a company; it’s a trusted ally for those seeking to make their events extraordinary. Our clients choose us for our genuine investment in their event’s success. We are honored to be the preferred choice for anyone organizing a once-in-a-lifetime event. We provide a comprehensive array of services that address the entertainment and documentation of the event.

Meet the Business Owners

The soul of Soundwave is Matt and Marie, a dynamic husband-and-wife team whose passion and dedication have been pivotal to the company’s achievements. They bring extensive experience and a personal approach to each event, ensuring every client feels valued and supported.

Their journey started with a mutual goal to craft unforgettable experiences for couples and event planners, recognizing that the essence of this lies not only in offering services but in forging lasting relationships with clients. This client-focused ethos is the foundation of Soundwave’s philosophy, influencing everything from service development to customer interactions.

Focusing on weddings, Matt and Marie have refined their abilities to deliver custom solutions that align with couples’ visions and dreams. They are deeply involved in all planning and execution phases, providing insights, advice, and support to ensure each event reflects the couple’s personality and vision.

Their pursuit of excellence goes beyond the events. Matt and Marie constantly explore new trends, technologies, and creative ideas to enhance their services and deliver greater value to their clients. They are innovators in their field, always seeking new ways to improve the event experience and make a lasting impression on guests.

A Legacy of Excellence

Looking forward, Soundwave is enthusiastic about continuing to grow and innovate. We are dedicated to upholding the high standards that distinguish Soundwave while welcoming change and innovation. Our ambition is not just to be the top event services company in Western New York but to redefine industry standards.

Soundwave stands on a bedrock of passion, excellence, and an unwavering dedication to client satisfaction. It epitomizes how a simple hobby can evolve into a flourishing enterprise when driven by a love for the craft and a commitment to making a positive impact in people’s lives.

In summary, Soundwave is more than an event services company; it’s a partner dedicated to ensuring your special occasions are celebrated with elegance, capturing every moment, matching every beat, and surpassing every expectation.

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SoundWave DJs was established.


After several years operating we added a few more DJs as the company’s popularity was beginning to grow. We also added a Photography division this year to make it easier for our clients housing two great services under one roof.


SoundWave adds a photobooth division


SoundWave is changing the status quo on local wedding and event entertainment and wins its first top service awards with TWO separate independent companies, The Knot and Wedding Wire. We have won these awards annually since


SoundWave adds a Videography division

Present day

SoundWave continues to wow clients and win yearly awards for event services

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