SLO MO Booth and LED Booth Now Available

For a few years now the photo booth has been a huge hit at special events and weddings. Now it seems almost anyone in Buffalo can offer a traditional style photo booth. Because of that, we’ve rolled out some fresh upgrades that are now available exclusively through Soundwave DJ and Photo.

The Slow Mo Booth

What is the Slow Mo Booth? The most fun you can have in a photo booth since the original!   Get some props and a few characters and you will have an amazing funny video to watch and share for years to come. The Slow Mo booth is the next big thing to hit the entertainment industry for weddings and other events! Soundwave DJ and Photo will now be offering this exclusively! Check out the Slow Mo video from Evan and Lauren’s wedding earlier this year. 

LED Booths

These are a new take on traditional photo booths as well. The LED booth is a traditional photo booth build but comes with the ability to sync up with our uplighting services to match the theme of your event. LED booths look amazing in the room and really stands out as a fun and entertaining part of the night that’s sure to draw in your guests! 

Selfie Booths?

You may have seen these around but we feel they will be here today and gone tomorrow – we have decided to pass on the selfie booths. The selling point on these new selfie booths is to be able to share your photo on social media networks after the photo has been taken. We think most phones today can handle this. We’ve considered these “booths” to generally be oversized iPads. For the current rental rate for these selfie booths, you could BUY an iPad and have something to play angry birds on after the wedding! 😉 Click here to find out more about our new photo booth packages in Buffalo, NY!