3 Unique Ways To Involve Your Wedding Guests

In our experience the more guest interaction at a wedding the better! When we get them involved early and often they feel like they have left their mark on your wedding (in a good way we promise). So we thought it would be cool travel outside of our expertise and shine some light on a unique and fun activity that we’ve seen pop up at weddings lately.

Guest Paintings for the bride and groom

Rio from Splash on Canvas has brought this to WNY and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the next “Must Have” at weddings going forward. The reason behind that it that it is exactly what the article is about, being unique and highly personalized. The idea is sort of like a guest book for the guests to sign only they don’t sign it. They paint it. Each time I’ve seen the paint station set up the guests are having a blast and excited to use it. They are creating something that the newly married couple can hold on to as a keepsake from their wedding. Guest books are nice but this is way more fun let’s be honest the more guest interaction the better the weddings are. You can find out more info about Splash on Canvas from their website at www.splashoncanvas.com. Rio hosts regular painting events as well and even local sports stars are having a ball with it. Get a group of friends together and check out one of his paint nights that happens every Friday. Very Fun!

The Love quilt

I recently saw at a wedding where the couple had put down some fabric squares at the dinner tables. As the DJ I was asked to explain what they were for while the food was being served and I thought the idea was very different and unique. The couple intended to make a quilt out of the fabric that was on the table and wanted their guests to write a message to the bride and groom on the squares. They were looking for the guests to leave marital advice and/or well wishes. You could see around the room that people were totally engaged in the activity as some chuckled lightly while others burst out laughing! It was obvious that people really enjoyed it.

Video Guest Book

As a company who provides videography we try to do this anyway in our wedding videos. The idea is to place a video camera or iPad somewhere in the room where guests can leave a video message to the new couple. Dress up the area with a nice sign and some wedding decor and people are usually really open to the idea. In a sense, it’s basically a video guest book and your guests are usually happy to send some good wishes and congratulate you both. After the wedding, you can download a number of free video editors and put all the footage together pretty easily if you are using a video camera. The iPad apps are a little easier if you don’t have any experience with video editing. The next step is upload and share!

BONUS (yeah I know we said 3)

Wedding timeline

Okay so this idea isn’t that “new” but I promise that the way it’s done is. What’s more frustrating after months of planning your wedding than seeing 75% of your guests on the phone the whole night? NOTHING right? America has a #Ihavetolookatmyphoneeverytenseconds problem but it’s time to put those iPhone addicts to use. There is an awesome way to keep things focused on your day that you’ve spent so much time planning and that is creating a “live feed” of your events at the reception. The idea is to use a unique hashtag and social media software to pull all posts with that hashtag to one location where it can be projected on a screen (or wall). For those that worry about racy photos, worry not. When we set this up at weddings the feed is constantly being monitored and nothing vulgar makes it through. Use one of these suggestions to bring guest engagement up a notch. Of course like always if you want us to show you how we can make your event fun and unique contact us.