Wedding Photography and how important it is to GET IT RIGHT!


You get what you pay for….we have all heard it.  In some cases it’s true and others it’s not.  For instance, you can’t expect to go into a car dealership and pay Honda Civic money and drive off with a Mercedes. That would be ridiculous.  However, you can go to any grocery store and get the generic brand of any food rather than the usually more expensive name brand and be quite satisfied with the outcome.  So while car shopping and looking for a photographer for your wedding are drastically different, wedding photography can have its similarities because like car shopping you cannot usually get the high-end product for the low-end price.   If only the photography for your wedding could just be so black and white…

One of the first things we should do as brides as it wasn’t that long ago for me is to meet our vendors and get to know THEM and not just their pitch.  A simple “get to know ya” meeting can go a long way.  A first impression comes quickly so don’t jump to conclusions too soon.  Instead almost treat it like a job interview where you are in control of the conversation and asking all the questions.   Using this approach can do many things for you but most importantly it lays it out from the get-go that you have certain expectations and you need someone capable and willing to meet them.

Make sure your photographer not only brings examples of work but also brings thank you letters and testimonials from past clients.  What better proof is there then a list of past customers that went out of their way and submitted a testimonial after the service was done.  Don’t be afraid to ask if there are any bad reviews out there and allow the photographer to explain.  Put simply, try to place this person at your event and see if you feel comfortable with that.  That concept is and seems so simple but many brides will make the mistake of looking at the price only like they were shopping for everyday items.

A professional photographer must also be knowledgeable in making retouch and some improvements of the photos that were taken. Make sure that all your photos, including those that are unedited, will be surrendered to you by your photographers for future use and for sure there are more shots that you would want to share with your friends on the net especially those who were not able to attend your wedding.

I guess the bottom line here is to try not to treat hiring a professional for your wedding like an everyday decision.  We can all easily decide whether we want pizza or Chinese for dinner pretty easily but it is really critical to meet and “interview” your prospective vendors.  I have always found this article helpful and have sent it out to a good number of past brides before booking my services.  Maybe it will help you too.

Thanks for reading!