Lighting Options for your next Event!

Are you are planning an event and are wondering how to change things up?  Have you been to a wedding or a Christmas party and the bright recess lights or fluorescents made it almost seem like you were in a high school cafeteria?  It’s all the lighting.

First off you can’t really have a great party without great entertainment.  With that being said after you have booked the venue and the entertainment it might be time to take a look at your lighting options.   There are several options when considering what mood you want to have at your party.  This decision to get uplighting or dance floor lighting was a good idea but it needs to be considered. 

Up Lighting 

There are so many choices here.  The most important thing to know with uplighting is how does it look at YOUR venue?  Up lighting is really elegant.  It does a great job at accenting your colors for the event and really makes the pictures stunning.
Up lighting for weddings in the area have been really popular in the last few years which sparked a variety of options to come out because naturally, not everyone wants the same thing.  There are basically two different types of up lighting and they are as follows.

  • Wash/Flood – this type of lighting will cover a very broad area so this lighting is great for a total transformation.  The wash or flood lights will work perfectly if you want the entire room to change to your main colors.  Usually, when done properly the final set up should be wedding magazine worthy.
  • Spot Lighting – The spotlighting works great when you are just interested in highlighting certain areas of the room and not the whole place.  For example, if there are a lot of pillars or columns in your room then the spotlighting works perfectly.  This style of lighting is more common and is also a great option.

Dance Floor Lighting

Think of the times that you have hired professional mobile DJ services or been to an event with DJ services.  A good DJ can make the party with or without the lights but when given a choice I would rather have dance floor lights.  The right combination of lighting can be an awesome party effect.  With this category of lights though it seems like there are a million options. I will try to simplify this for everyone

  • Intelligent Lighting – intelligent mean exactly what it sounds like….” lights with a brain”.  These fixtures do a great job on the dance floor because they usually have a built-in microphone in them and senses when to switch speeds, colors or shapes.  For instance, if you are at a club and the beat is very fast you are likely to experience a strobing effect or something of that nature.  Either way, these are the way to go at a wedding because as DJ’s we are playing a huge variety of music and the lights should change with it and not be at a constant setting.
  • Un-Intelligent Lighting – I know this sounds like a joke but I did tell you I was going to simplify things right? This type will require manual control which is not ideal for weddings.  Unless the company you have contracted for your entertainment sends out a sound AND light guy please make sure when booking that your DJ company doesn’t plan on passing these off for a light show.  There are your exceptions of course like disco balls and spots etc.

As you can tell there are a lot of different options to consider.  One way to decide is to go and visit a few weddings with a few different setups.  Another is just simply to consult your vendor.  Chances are if it is a reputable vendor they would have seen the room you have booked and can offer some insight and suggestion.  Also be sure to speak to the banquet manager(s) and get their feedback also. As always check out our packages on lighting and other effects.  For more information regularly from us go to this link and sign up!