Top 5 Wedding Trends for 2015

In 2015, we’re starting to see a slight change in what would be considered to be “traditional weddings”. Couples are really starting to show their personality and you can usually find it in the details. These are just a few wedding trends that are starting to show in 2015!

Naked Cake
Might sound crazy, right? But these gorgeous cakes are sure to please! Instead of covering that delicious cake with heavy frosting, a lot of brides and grooms are choosing to go with a naked for their big day. The frosting sits nicely right in between the layers of cake and are topped with fresh strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries. But don’t stop there, make the topping whatever you’d like! Check out these cakes for inspiration or your own cake!

Food Trucks
Many couples are starting to provide their guests with an optional snack before they head home. They can fill their bellies after rocking out on the dance floor and have some extra food to take home with them. Food Trucks (especially in Buffalo, NY) have been parking outside of the venue and feeding guests before they’re on their way. By having a food truck at your wedding, you can knock off the need for favors! I’m sure your guests will be more than happy to take home a burrito rather than potpourri. (Looking for a food truck? Check out Lloyds, Sassi Cakes, and Black Market Food Truck!)

Photo Booth
It’s almost becoming a standard to have a photo booth at your wedding. Photo booths allow your guests (especially the non-dancers) to entertain themselves and take home some fun and memorable photos too! Looking to rent a photo booth in Buffalo, NY? Check out our services page!

Floral Crowns
Many brides are doing away with the traditional veil and going for a more natural look by wearing flower crowns. Most florists can create a floral crown you’re looking for, but if they can’t or won’t there are a ton of creators out there that will make one for you!

Jack & Jill
The modern bride and groom are saying good-bye to the traditional bridal shower and stag party and combining them into one big party. This is especially nice for couples who may not need much in terms of wedding gifts. Instead, you get to have one big party with your friends and family to celebrate the big upcoming day!