Tips on how to find the right DJ

If you are planning a large event this article will hopefully shed some light on how to find the right entertainer/DJ for your party.  The question asked the most frequently is the price question.  It is important when choosing a DJ or entertainer because, like everything else, there is most likely a budget to work with.  First things first you need to decide what type of party atmosphere you want.  If music and dancing are a serious consideration for you it is important to find out the following aspects about your potential DJ.

The equipment should be professional equipment and powerful enough to handle huge crowds.  Technology has made it too easy for people but not everyone who can operate a laptop or iPod is a professional DJ.   Live sound equipment is sturdier and less likely to have issued the night of your party.  Even the best residential equipment out there is not made to be moved around from week to week and party to party.  Your DJ should also carry insurance on the equipment so that so that you can’t be held responsible if something went wrong.

The next aspect is the music of course.  The DJ or company should have a very large variety of music.  The party is a reflection of you so being involved in the music planning process is crucial.  Most good DJ’s can provide a lot of help in this area as well and if necessary will meet you ahead of time to help you plan the music.  Come the night of your event the DJ should also be good at reading the crowd and mixing your guest’s requests in with your selected music to keep the party going.

MCing and announcements would be next on the list.  It is important to make sure the DJ for hire can stick to a timeline and communicate with the crowd.  This can influence price as well because sometimes you have one person who can DJ and MC the whole night by themselves where some other DJ’s work with other MC’s if their performance is hindered by making announcements themselves.  The price fluctuates higher the more people you need to perform your event.

A professional is dressed the part and is always on time.  On time is being there set up before the first guest walks in.  You want to make sure of this way ahead of time.  Is the DJ late to your consultation?  This is usually the first warning sign.   If the event is formal can your DJ dress that way?  If it’s casual the same question should be asked.  Some of these things can seem obvious but it’s important to ask.

Does the DJ or company you want to work with have a contract?  I think everyone might have heard a story or two about a friend that was supposed to do the music but couldn’t show last minute.  This happens very often and it shouldn’t.  Most likely there is a contract for every other service so this should be no exception.  On the contract, it should list what services are being done for the specific times.

Where’s the proof?  It’s nice to be able to buy a service or product with confidence.  Usually, when we need something we ask friends and family for suggestions.  Because big events are not something that happens every day it’s important to look for the social proof here as well.  Look for reviews on the DJ or company in the search engines.  Many places like Wedding Wire, Google Places or even Facebook do not allow the company to post their own reviews meaning the review was legitimately done by the customer.

So back to the price question.  Prices can range from $250-$5000 all over the country and a lot of times the term “you get what you pay for” applies here.  Not every time, just most times.  With such a range here most of the things listed above come into play.  Generally speaking, if you ask these questions and they can provide the services you want it’s usually a good match.  Pass this along if this has helped you out.