Tony and Christina’s New Years Wedding

If I had one word to describe Tony and Christina’s new years wedding it would be…..BREATHTAKING!  From the moment we got there to set up for the wedding, we could feel and see how much went on this perfect day.  The room at the Adams Mark Hotel in downtown Buffalo was gorgeous.  The night overall was very special and no detail was left out.

Cocktail Hour:
There was live music for cocktail hour for over 400 guests to enjoy.  Ice sculptures of the family’s flags were proudly on display.  They had the biggest spread of hors d’oeuvres that I have ever seen and I have been to HUNDREDS of weddings.   Another fun touch was the shot table which is exactly what it sounds like.  You can tell that the couple focused on fun for the guests.

The intros were a lot of fun.  Not only were the wedding party introduced but afterward, a dedication was given to their heritage by a singer who performed the national anthems of Croatia, Italy, and the United States.  All this was done while the flags from each country were on display and I can honestly say was a fantastic way to introduce them.  It gave everyone goose bumps.

Dinner Hour:
One way to have everyone remember your event is to feed them well.  It’s true.  Tony and Christina had a very extensive menu at their wedding.  First the dinner started with your traditional soups and salads which were great but then came the “meat and potatoes” so to speak.  A pasta side was given to everyone with their choice of regular pasta or a seafood pasta which included mussels and a full lobster tail.  All I could think is how can you beat that!  For the main course out came the choices of chicken, lamb and ribs all cooked to perfection.  What an amazing dinner it was.

The families of the Bride and Groom were a very live group.  There were DJ entertainment and a live band and the combo of the two were outstanding.  It didn’t matter who was performing the dance floor was completely packed all night from the word go.  I should mention that the crowd was outstanding also.  Just looking around the room you could see joy and happiness for this couple and it showed when it came time to party and dance with them.  What wonderful families!

The ball drop:
I think one of the special touches that they included was a very large projection screen where the ball drop was displayed for all the guests to see.  One thing was very evident and that is that the Bride and Groom wanted everyone to enjoy their wedding and also enjoy the holiday.  They provided the horns and hats and all! What a special moment it was to ring in the new year with such a great couple and crowd.Overall on a scale of 1-10, it was a perfect 10.  Tony and Christina had a dream wedding on a perfect night and I am sure anyone who had the pleasure of sharing it with them will never forget it.  Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Draksic!