How to Plan a Wedding Reception in 9 Steps & Make Sure It’s a Great One

Congratulations – you’re engaged! You’ve picked your date, chose your venue, and found your dress, now it’s time to get into the real planning for your wedding day. Unless you’re a wedding planner, it’s likely you haven’t planned many weddings before. There are a ton of little details that go into planning your big day and we’re here to help make it a great success.


9 Tips for Planning Your Wedding Reception


1) Hire a professional wedding DJ. Save yourself from the terrors of a “bargain DJ”, the guy who DJ’d in college, or the random neighbor who does the block parties during the summer. The DJ assists in hosting the event and could make it or break it.

2) Dance! If you want your guests to dance and have a good time, then YOU have to dance and have a good time! If your guests aren’t big on dancing, be sure to provide other types of entertainment for them like a photo booth or game area.

3) Put the DJ close to the dance floor so he or she can see what is and is not working for the crowd. Allowing the DJ to be in the action will make it easier for your guests to request songs too!

4) Seat older guests further away from the dance floor and speakers. As it’s one of the most common complaints at weddings, we guarantee they’ll appreciate it.

5) When requesting songs for your wedding day, it’s okay to let the DJ know your absolute must and must not. However, it’s also important to trust your DJ and allow them to play music to fill up the dance floor.

6) When sending out your ‘Save the Dates’, be sure to include a space for guests to request a song. Your guests will love it and will make them feel included!

7) Since dim lighting is usually the best atmosphere to dance in, be sure to add a touch of color with some uplighting to enhance their experience! If having colorful lights doesn’t appeal to you, we still highly advise keeping the lights dim on the dance floor so more people will participate.

8) If kids are invited to your wedding, try and see if someone would offer to look after the kids. Activity rooms are a great way to keep the kids busy during the reception!

9) As the night comes to an end, people are going to be apprehensive to drive home. Arranging a shuttle service with a group rate at a nearby hotel can help put your guests at ease and allow them to have a worry free night.

Here are a few other things to consider as well!

  • Consider having entertainers at your wedding reception! Live performers, surprise dancers, or fantastic singers are sure to up the ante at any party.
  • A group dance!Surprise your guests by having your wedding party break out into dance after dinner. It’s a great way to kick off the dance party.
  • Late night food stations. Whether it’s a food truck, pizza, or something for your guests to take home, late night snacks are a great way to send off your guests. – Slideshows and video montages. By showing the couple’s relationship, these are both a great way to include your guests in the story of your love.


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