Wedding DJ gives 3 tips to create exciting wedding introductions

If you are the type of couple that wants to make a splash at your wedding, then this is the post for you.  After almost 18 years of being a wedding DJ/MC, the introduction is still my favorite event of the night. There are other great moments of course but no other moment can set the energy the way a bridal party introduction does. Unfortunately, this works both ways. An excellent MC can hype up your reception and have the guests at full participation with amazing energy in the room. Adversely, An inexperienced or unprepared MC can completely throw the vibe off with just a few tiny miscues. Nevertheless, A wedding isn’t complete without a grand entrance, so here are some exciting and unique ways to pull it off

Sporting Event Intro

If you and you’re fiance are huge sports fans, and everyone at your wedding knows it, this might be the one to consider. I have personally MC’d about 25-30 weddings of couples who were huge sports fanatics that chose to come out to the theme of their favorite team. As the DJ I have always prepared myself by looking at their teams’ pre-game intros and going off of those for an authentic sports intro but with the newlyweds! If pulled off correctly it can be a lot of fun

SoundWave Wedding DJ Smoke Entrance

Action Movie Entrance

The action movie entrance has got to be one of the most creative and fun ways to bring you into the reception. After watching the clip, you can see that with a little preplanning and some coordination from your DJ & Video team you can have an entrance that nobody else can have. Just check out the video below. If you are one of our


Mans Best friend intro

Well, there are people out there that are obsessed with our four-legged friends and who can blame them. Years ago I started to see pets featured during the ceremonies especially serving as ringbearers. While it’s still somewhat popular to do, the pets have graduated to wedding introductions. Admittedly I have only seen this a handful of times, and you may want to check with your venue first (PROTIP), but it gets a massive reaction from the crowd because who doesn’t love pets?

These ideas are just a few fresh ways to change up the wedding introductions and make them so memorable that your guests will be talking about it for years. If you need a consultation on how to make any of these ideas come to life don’t hesitate to get in touch with our fantastic wedding DJ/MC & Video production teams.