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Archives - January, 2017

3 Unique Ways To Involve Your Wedding Guests

In our experience the more guest interaction at a wedding the better! When we get them involved early and often they feel like they have left their mark on your wedding (in a good way we promise). So we thought it would be cool travel outside of our expertise and shine some light on a Read More

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High End DJ’s vs Budget DJ’s

If you are planning a wedding and looking for some guidance on what is the “right price”  for entertainment then this blog post is for you!  It’s one thing to hear it from us,  but it’s an entirely different thing when a wedding planner goes out of their way to say that you should splurge on Read More

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Ride for Roswell

We recently had the honor of working with Roswell for the ultra-successful “Ride for Roswell” in Buffalo, NY.  There was an amazing showing of supporters and close to 8000 showed up to ride for this great cause. Soundwave’s DJ’s Mike Damiani and Vince Davis were there hosting the finish line to pump up the crowd Read More

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Lighting Options for your next Event!

Are you are planning an event and are wondering how to change things up?  Have you been to a wedding or a Christmas party and the bright recess lights or fluorescents made it almost seem like you were in a high school cafeteria?  It’s all the lighting. First off you can’t really have a great Read More

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